The Time Keeper Book Review

The Time Keeper
•written by Mitch Albom
•5 out of 5 stars
•such a good book that it left me speechless. 
•it was a nice short read, but it was very powerful
•one of the lines that i want to remember forever is: “There is a reason God limits our days.” “Why>” “To make each one precious”
•this book really made me sit and reflect about myself and i didn’t expect it to do that.
•Summary: This books tells the story of three people. The first person is Father Time himself, and it takes you all the way back to the beginning of his life, and to when he creates time, well measuring time. Then you learn about an older rich man that is dying, but is trying to break death’s rules. He has planned on freezing himself so that when there is a cure, he can be revived and continue to live and work and be rich. Finally, the third person is a teenage girl named Sarah. She is smart, but not popular and she goes through a lot in this story. But Father Time takes them on a journey so they can learn the value of time, and there lives, all while he learns a little lesson himself. 
•Beautiful. Just such a beautiful story.