If There Be Thorns Book Review

If There Be Thorns
     •written by V.C Andrews
     •i gave it 3 out of 5 stars
     •each chapter was written in a different perspective of either one of her sons
     •I couldn’t seem to get into it, and i didn’t start to enjoy it until i was about 300 pages through, which was very close to the end
     •i enjoyed this book more than the others, just for the different perspectives
     •Her son Bart was very creepy and i didn’t like how one moment he was fine, then the other he was this ravage thing. He was only ten years old but he acted a lot older than that, but not so much more mature. 
     •Summary: The story is about how the lives of Cathy’s children unfold while she is hiding her secrets. Someone moves into the abandoned house next door and they know Cathy’s secret and start to tell Bart which makes him act a little crazy. It all unfolds from there and secrets get revealed, and as usual in her books someone dies.