Garden of Shadows Book Review

Garden of Shadows
•written by V..C Andrews
•i gave it 3 out of 5 stars
•i enjoyed this book the most out of all of them, which surprised me because i originally had no interest in reading this prequel. I liked being able to get all the extra background information, plus things i didn’t know. There were many interesting twists in this plot too, which kept it interesting. 
•Summary: This story takes the role of the grandmother’s point of view, and goes all the way back to when she first meets Malcolm Foxsworth. It tells you all the challenges that she has had to deal with while living in the Hall that you had no idea about while reading the previous books. She marries Malcolm but later realizes there never was any love, he just wanted her fortune, even though he himself is rich. They start a family and Olivia (the grandmother) doesn’t seem to think things can get worse. But they do once Malcolm’s father returns with his new wife. 
•With everything you learn in this story, i didn’t feel so much hatred toward the grandmother, but i actually felt pity.