Crank Book Review

•written by Ellen Hopkins
•5 out of 5 stars 
•I found this book so hard to put down
•the pacing was so fast, you could read 100 pages and not even realize it
•the way it was written (in verse) made the story feel so much heavier and more powerful 
•just incredible 
•summary: it is about this girl named Kristina who is a junior in high school. She goes to visit her dad for a couple of weeks in the summer because her parents are divorced. There, she meets a guy named Adam who introduces her to life on cocaine (or crank). She develops an addiction to it, but can’t admit it to herself so when she gets back home, she finds it hard to get her fix and go to school as well as get along with her family. This novel is based on a true story I think, and it takes you through the life of a teenage girl that is addicted to drugs. It is a very realistic story which makes it all the more powerful.