Warm Bodies Book Review

Warm Bodies
     •written by Isaac Marion
     •i gave it 4 out of 5 stars
     •i didn’t like the ending, it wasn’t how i thought it would be, and for that reason i didn’t give it 5 stars
     •the plot was different, unique, and i found it quite entertaining and i laughed quite a bit
     •the trailer is what originally caught my attention but i am very glad that i picked this book up
     •Summary: It is about a guy named R and he is a zombie. The world they live in is in the middle of a zombie plague, so R lives in an abandoned airport with a bunch of other zombies. None of the zombies have any memories, so they don’t even know who they were before they died – R only knows that his name started with an R. While out on one of their hunts (because they do eat people), he meets this girl named Julie and it’s like love at first sight for him – which shouldn’t happen because he’s dead. He ends up saving her from being eaten and sneaks her back to the airport, and the story goes from there as they fight the plague. 
     •It’s not a typical love story, it had action and comedy in it, and i really enjoyed it. 

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