Flowers in the Attic Book Review

Flowers in the Attics
     •written by V.C Andrews
     •i gave it 2. and a half out of 5 stars
     •good character development
     • plot was very predictable 
     •there were a couple heartbreaking moments 
     •there were a couple of moments that got me really mad
     •old book so it’s written in old English
     •Summary: Four children; Chris, Cathy, Carrie, and Cory are very happy with their life. Then, while throwing a surprise birthday party for their father, they get the news that he has died. Their mother is now broke and returns to her parents who are rich. The catch is that her parents disinherited her years ago, and now she has to win back their affection. To make sure nothing goes wrong, she and the grandmother lock the four children in a room where nobody can see or here them. From there nothing really suspenseful happens, but it’s interesting to see where the story goes. This book was in the young adult section of the bookstore I go to, but I will warn you it has some very mature content

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